Do-it-Yourself Online Logo Creation

How To
Anyone who owns a business or who is starting a new business can attest to the value of owning a powerful and effective logo. Logos communicate who you are and allow you to connect with your customers with an easily recognizable symbol that is truly yours. But for most people, turning design ideas into a reality can be both difficult and expensive.

Do-it-yourself logo design customers are looking for a fast and easy way to create a big business logo on a small business budget. Industry leading do-it-yourself applications allow you to design and download the right logo right away.

Your logo is only as good as the image or icon you start with. When choosing a logo design service, look for a service that provides logos designed specifically with logo creation in mind. Logos designed by professional designers will give you multiple choices in style, colors and layouts. High quality logos that have been designed by professional designers are also more easily recognizable and give you a more professional look to your logo.

Do-it-yourself logo creation tools should be easy to use, and thus, save you valuable time when you need a logo. Look for a service that allows you to create a custom logo in minutes and download your new logo immediately. Do-it-yourself logo creation is as easy as choosing an icon based on your industry, a letter, or an abstract image, adding personalized type and making the logo layout yours.

Typical do-it-yourself logo creation tools allow you to search for logos in easy and intuitive ways. Industry leading do-it-yourself applications divide the icons into three categories; symbol based, categorized by industry (such as a tree or a house), alphanumeric (A-Z and 1-9), or shape-based/abstracts (pyramids, swooshes, globes, etc.). Finding the right image should not be a long laborious process, if the application you are using is designed properly.

Some of the best applications on the web today incorporate an “Ask a Friend” option that allow you to receive feedback on your logo from your friends. Your friends simply open a URL included with an email, vote on the best logo design, and then you access their responses through the application’s feedback tool.

Once your logo has been created, you will need several different file formats in order to take full advantage of your logo. Make sure the do-it-yourself logo service you choose provides you the following file formats of your logo:

  • EPS, or vector image files, are essential for printing quality business cards and stationary.
  • JPEG, or compressed image files, are meant to be displayed on the web and are NOT meant for printing.
  • GIF, or Bitmap image files, are images with a transparent background. GIF files are perfect for use on websites with background colors other than white.

Whatever service you choose, your ultimate goal should be to create a professional looking logo that communicates the right message about your business.