Sunday, October 2


NFT, Cryptocurrency

MetabaseNFT launches its NFT marketplace platform

Nowadays one cannot escape from the term 'NFT'. Even if its meaning isn't intuitive and easy to understand, it's definitely hard to miss. NFT (non-fungible token) trading is gaining traction at an unprecedented pace. As with many new and unfamiliar fields of investments, quite a few companies have already jumped on the bandwagon and are offering this type of service. Not all of them are trustworthy. "New markets are a playground for dishonest people, trying to take advantage of inexperienced traders," said Adam Lawson, MetabaseNFT's spokesperson. "Having said that, we've established a new NFT marketplace, where all creators and traders can buy and sell assets in a robust, secure and transparent environment. This is our goal. We want to turn NFT trading into something as common and well-...