5G Technologies Could Revolutionize Cloud Computing Capabilities


Demand for a 5G network continues to grow around the world. The technology is expected to revolutionize several innovative technological sectors. For example, just recently, the European Space Agency (ESA) announced that it will seek to boost the satellite-enabled 5G media market. The ESA signed an agreement to work with the European Broadcast Union – an alliance of public service media organizations – that will enable Europe to gain a lead in media content delivery as well as maintaining its technical autonomy. The agreement – called 5G Emerge – is a partnership between ESA and the European Broadcast Union, plus 20 companies from Italy, Luxembourg, the Netherlands, Norway, Sweden and Switzerland. Under the agreement, the partners will define, develop and validate an integrated satellite and terrestrial system which will leverage on the structural advantages of satellite-based infrastructures combined with the flexibility of 5G and beyond 5G technologies to reach anyone, anywhere. uCloudlink Group Inc. (NASDAQ: UCL), Ericsson Telephone Co. (NASDAQ: ERIC), ASE Technology Holding Co., Ltd. (NYSE: ASX), Corning Inc. (NYSE: GLW), Ciena Corp. (NYSE: CIEN)

5G is also expected to impact the cloud computing industry. Ideally, the blend of 5G and cloud computing technologies will enhance the capability and functionality of a number of industries, especially for cloud businesses themselves. According to a report by Forbes, “As 5G infrastructure gets deployed and cloud computing resources are extended to the edge of the network, cloud infrastructure and communications networks are becoming increasingly integrated and merged, a trend that is likely to continue with the expansion of 5G deployments. 5G means more data — the fuel for cloud applications around the world. Cloud providers and service providers all want to extend infrastructure and services to capture, transport, and process this data.”

uCloudlink Group Inc. (NASDAQ: UCL) just announced breaking news that, “the Company’s operating subsidiary, HONG KONG UCLOUDLINK NETWORK TECHNOLOGY LIMITED has inked an agreement with SAN VENTURE SERVICE GMBH (“SAN Group”), a biotechnology company headquartered in Austria. Under the agreement, SAN Group will utilize UCLOUDLINK’s data connectivity services and related products to allow its employees to have access to high-quality data connections at anytime and anywhere. UCLOUDLINK has been the partner for various companies across Europe such as in the financial and car rental industries, as UCLOUDLINK continues to broaden its user base in Europe.

As the leisure and corporate travel gradually recover, UCLOUDLINK’s data connectivity services and related products will support SAN Group’s employees with seamless data connection while working remotely or on international business trips — allowing them to obtain a high-quality data connection while reducing the cost of roaming. Like SAN Group, enterprises with a large number of employees who travel internationally frequently, now can address their employees’ mobile data connectivity issues with UCLOUDLINK’s solutions, which ensure a reliable, high-quality and innovative mobile data connection, allowing them to drive greater efficiency and maximize business-trip returns.

Furthermore, UCLOUDLINK has also engaged in continued research and development to strengthen its technical advantages. UCLOUDLINK has developed global 5G roaming solutions which enable users to enjoy high-speed and reliable data connectivity services worldwide. Meanwhile, by leveraging its patented cloud SIM technology and hyper-connectivity solution, UCLOUDLINK’s PaaS and SaaS platform will help improve data connectivity services and bring convenience to all its users and business partners from different industries.

To fulfill the increasing demands from more and more enterprises for faster and better data connectivity services used locally and internationally, UCLOUDLINK will continue its ongoing business strategy of consciously shifting its business focus to the development of PaaS and SaaS platform centric service and ecosystem, enabling its business partners and users to transform from “connected” to “better connection” with its core innovative technologies, extensive solutions, services and related products.”

Ericsson Telephone Co. (NASDAQ: ERIC) and Digital Nasional Berhad (DNB) announced on June 15th, a demonstrated 5G Voice over New Radio (VoNR) call, conducted in Malaysia for the first time over a live 5G network. This technical milestone is testament to the ability of the DNB network to support both 5G Non-Standalone (NSA) and Standalone (SA) architectures.  Ken Tan, Chief Technology Officer of Digital Nasional Berhad said, “The successful VoNR demonstration, done for the first time over the live nationwide 5G network is the latest technical milestone of how 5G can deliver a new and superior user experience via a cloud-native 5G Standalone architecture. 5G VoNR can be a key enabler of next generation immersive applications that combine 5G speeds and high-definition audio. We will continue to deliver 5G capabilities to support technology innovation in Malaysia.”

ASE Technology Holding Co., Ltd. (NYSE: ASX) announced last year that in August 2021, ASE Kaohsiung has obtained the GSMA SAS-UP certification. The GSMA Security Accreditation Scheme for UICC* Production is a voluntary scheme through which UICC suppliers subject their operational sites to a comprehensive security audit to ensure that adequate security measures to protect the interests of mobile network operators have been implemented. The certification enables ASE to fulfill manufacturing requirements under the eSIM (embedded SIM) architecture specification, ensuring a high level of security for eSIM products. The eSIM has grown in popularity as a built-in solution for mobile connectivity in consumer and IoT devices. As opposed to traditional SIM cards, eSIM allows a high level of flexibility and has numerous application advantages. The eSIM can be easily customized and is not limited to a single service provider. Together with the major shifts fueled by 5G, eSIM creates business opportunities that extend mobile connectivity to a diverse array of internet-enabled devices designed for healthcare, smart homes, automotive, logistics, handheld POS and more.  Artificial Intelligence of Things (AIoT) combined with AI and big data analysis have laid the foundation for diversity and innovation to drive the upgrading and maturity of the semiconductor industry. ASE is all set to play a leading role in smart technology developments and shaping an intelligent future that will benefit mankind.

Corning Inc. (NYSE: GLW) announced last year, new high-performance cellular solutions designed to help network operators bring reliable 5G connection indoors with small-cell radio nodes that are easy to install and cost-effective to operate. “As more people return to offices, college campuses, hotels, and other highly concentrated environments, Corning’s mmWave indoor small-cell systems are critical to meeting the growing demand for reliable 5G connectivity,” said Marc Bolick, vice president and wireless business leader, Corning Optical Communications. “Corning is working side by side with our customers to help them capture and realize the opportunities of 5G.”

Ciena Corp. (NYSE: CIEN) and Samsung Electronics Co., Ltd. announced last year, entry into an agreement to deliver 5G network solutions to the market. The agreement enables Samsung to couple Ciena’s xHaul solutions with its own 5G solutions to support the next-generation of high-bandwidth applications and services driven by expanding 5G networks. “As 5G proliferates, immersive services like AR/VR and HD video streaming are becoming the center of our daily mobile lives. In order to deliver more powerful 5G services, the current network architecture needs to evolve,” said Wonil Roh, Senior Vice President and Head of Product Strategy, Networks Business at Samsung Electronics. “Samsung’s ability to couple our best-in-class 5G solutions with a leader in transport technologies like Ciena will give customers a solution to address this need, and do so with the confidence to scale and evolve their networks to support the future of 5G.”

SOURCE : FinancialBuzz.com